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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Vacation Apartments

Apartment accommodations
Apartment accommodations

During an extended vacation you may want to consider a short term apartment stay as opposed to a hotel. There are both benefits and disadvantages to this type of accommodation.

On the benefit side you usually get considerably more space than you do in an average hotel room. In fact you would probably have to book a full suite in a hotel to get the same amount of space as you would with a short term apartment rental. As you might guess, the hotel suite will likely cost a whole lot more. The other advantage is that apartment rentals will have a full kitchen complete with utensils, allowing you the option to prepare many of your own meals during your vacation. This can save you a huge amount of money during your trip or vacation. Apartments usually have one or more separated bedrooms, so the sleeping arrangement is ideal for families travelling with children.

So it all sounds great, right? Well there are some disadvantages as well. In most short term apartment rentals there is no maid service. You must make your own bed and clean up your own room during your stay. Also there may not be a regular front desk, concierge, or an on site restaurant or bar. Of course, there will likely be numerous restaurants nearby. Having said that, you can also find apartment accommodations that do offer many of the same amenities as a 4 or 5 star hotel. Generally speaking, staying in a vacation apartment is more like living in your own home.

All things considered, a vacation apartment may be the best choice if your stay is for one week or longer and you are fine with, or would even prefer preparing many of your own meals. They are also a great choice for families travelling with children

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