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Day Trip to Jindabyne New South Wales Australia

Lake Jindabyne NSW Sunset
Lake Jindabyne NSW Sunset

Jindabyne is a wonderful destination for trips. There’s so much to watch and experience that it feels like one day isn’t enough. But if your schedule is tight, it becomes very hard to squeeze all the activities into a single day.

Here you will find many places and activities you can enjoy during a one day or multi-day visit. Keeping both you and your kids in mind. We’ve included some good places to dine and some accommodation picks should you decide to spend a few nights or even longer. Let’s start.

Getting to Jindabyne

Jindabyne is situated between Sydney and Melbourne making it an ideal weekend or midweek escape from these larger cities. Driving time from Sydney is about 5 hours, or you can relax and travel by train arriving in just 7 hours. Driving form Melbourne will take about 7 hours. If you are coming from Canberra, it’s only a 2 hour drive making it suitable for a one day trip. With so much to see and do, you may want to stay longer.

1. Check out the Snowy Region Visitor Centre

Snowy Mountains - NSW
Snowy Mountains

Snowy Region Visitor Centre in the town of Jindabyne is a great place to learn about Kosciuszko National Park. Here, you can get maps, information, brochures, and park entry passes.

The center is open every day from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm except for Christmas. If you intend to go hiking in a remote part of Kosciuszko National Park, you should go to the visitor center and fill out an intention form. If you are looking for accommodation in the park, the staff will assist you.

2. Outdoor Activities in Snow City Jindabyne

This is your one-stop destination for all the gear you need for skiing or snowboarding. You can get rental skis, snowboards, jackets, shoes, snow chains, etc. However, the rental costs are quite high. This is a perfect place to spend a whole day with your family and enjoy skiing and snowboarding, sliding downhill from the top.

Another fun activity is snowshoeing. Strap on your snowshoes to go for a walk on the untracked path and enjoy the beautiful scenery. There is The Rock Creek Snowshoe Track if you want to play safe. If you think you have had enough, then head for refreshment by dipping down in the hot pool in Thredbo Leisure Centre.

3. Do some Shopping at Nugget’s Crossing Shopping Centre

Located at Kosciuszko Road, Jindabyne NSW 2627, this can be the ultimate for all your shopping. You can buy all kinds of gifts here from the retain and gifts section, where there are stores like Monchichi, High Country Outfitters, Apres-She, and Alpine Ambience.

Here you can find giftware, souvenirs, beanies, postcards, sunglasses, housewares, clothing, footware, toys and more. There are some food outlets where you can grab something to eat and equipment rental shops for snow sports activities. A pharmacy and a general store are also there. If you are into fashion and makeup, worry not as there are quite a few parlors.

4. Snowy Wilderness Horse Riding

Horses running n the Snowy Mountains
Horses running n the Snow

This place revolves around the activities of horse riding. While riding a horse, you can go on a horse-riding trek. Horse riding treks can take from a couple of hours to several days. Experienced locals conduct the treks.

There are two of the most famous horse trek trails, namely Cochran Horse Treks and Reynella Rides in Adaminaby. Throughout the year, several horse-related events happen in this area.

In December, you can experience Man from Snowy River Rodeo if you visit. In January, there is Tumbarumba Rodeo, and the Tumut Rodeo occurs in April.

5. Gaden Trout Hatchery

Gaden Trout Hatchery is 9.2km from Jindabyne by the Thredbo River. It is accessible by car or taxi. This hatchery is well known for culturing four species of sport fish – Atlantic salmon, Rainbow trout, brook trout, and brown trout.

You can join a guided tour with a hatchery expert to learn more about the process and explore the area. Don’t go if you are expecting to fish though. It is prohibited in this area. The hatchery is situated in a one-hectare area, including a park for picnics and barbeques. Dedicated picnic shelters are available. There is a bike track if you want to go for a ride.

Traveling With Kids! Here Are Some Kids Friendly Travelling Places:

1. Wildbrumby Thredbo Valley Distillery

Wildbrumby Thredbo Valley Distillery is a distillery that produces award-winning schnapps and gins. If you are tired of your kid’s constant rants and nagging, spend a relaxing time here and enjoy some delightful drinks tasting experience.

Enjoy the process of making gin, schnapps, and vodka, which doubles as a learning experience for your kids. Apart from the distillery, there is a Wildbrumby Café to have lunch or snack.

In the lazy afternoon, take a stroll through the beautiful sculpture garden with your family and venture beyond the fences to the nearby hill to enjoy the calming sunset.

2. Lake Jindabyne

The aesthetic beauty of Lake Jindabyne is a major attraction of this area. The backdrop of snowy mountains surrounds the lake. The lake is the largest freshwater reservoir of New South Wales and is full of fishes like brook trout, Atlantic salmons, rainbow trout, etc.

Popular activities include fishing, swimming in the summer, waterskiing, and wakeboarding. The lake is a magnificent spot for birdwatching and picnicking.

In warmer months, you can enjoy mountain biking along the Jindabyne biking trail. You can also check the nearby Jindabyne Dam, a huge rock-fill embankment dam.

3. Take Your Kids to the Heated Indoor Pool

Jindabyne in the wintertime is very cold. Nothing can beat the pleasure of dipping in a hot indoor pool. You can take your kids to one. There are many heated indoor pools in many hotels and accommodations, but you have to make a reservation to access those.

Few hotels with heated pools are Rydges Horizons Snowy Mountains, Thredbo Alpine Hotel, High Country Motel, Mountain View Motel, etc. Apart from all these, there is a pool that the Snowy Monaro Regional Council maintains, and that is a community pool.

It serves as both a regular public pool and for arranging different events. There’s an entry fee of $5 for children and $7 for adults.

4. Livvy’s Place Jindabyne

Livvy’s Place is a popular local playground in Banjo Patterson Park on Kosciuszko Road. It is a fenced playground so you kids can enjoy some safe playtime and it has accessible toilets. A coffee place is right across the road for the adults.

You will find all of the basic rides such as slides, swings, and all. Livvy’s Place also has a barbeque facility so you can cook and have a nice lunchtime with your family.

There are benches and tables to enjoy your food. While the kids play out in the park, you can take some rest in the sunshade. Parking is free.

5. Jindabyne Skate Park

If your kids are into skating, take them to the skate park. It is near Jindabyne Bowling and Sports center and is very popular among local kids. The skate park is huge and has many obstacles including euro gap, ramp, ledges, rails, slides, and a 6 foot shallow and 8 foot deep bowl.

While your kid enjoys his time in the park, you can sit idly by the side near the river and enjoy the weather or go across the street to have some snacks or drinks.

Some Eating Places for Good Foods

Restaurant interior
Restaurant interior

1. Takayama Restaurant Bar

Located in Nuggets Crossing Shopping Centre at Snowy River Ave, Jindabyne. This restaurant is unique in ways that it brings Japanese izakaya-style mountain food to Jindabyne. Except for delivery, dine-in and takeaway options are available.

There are options for gluten-free and vegan-friendly food. They serve Japanese and Asian-style dishes. Small plate dishes like a salmon sushi roll, miso eggplant, grilled prawns range from $6-$16, and large plate dishes like katsu, tataki beef, chargrilled salmon range from $22-$42.

There are miso ramen and yakisoba under the noodles section. Cucumber salad, Cabbage salad, and sides like miso soup, fried vegetables, and desserts are also available. Among beverages, beer and alcohol are available.

2. La Famiglia

Located in Lakeview Plaza Motel, this restaurant serves Italian dishes. If you are craving some Italian dishes, this place is a must. They serve different Italian starters and main course dishes as well as drinks. They specialize in pizzas.

They even have a dedicated traditional pizza oven. Their pizza section of the menu has 17 kinds of pizza and costs $27.5. Another specialty is pasta which costs $26.50 to $29.50.

They have starters ranging from $6 to $21, and main courses are $23 to $26 per item. They give a discount of 10% on Sundays and public holidays. Nice ambiance with nice food, can never go wrong.

3. Bacco Italian Restaurant

This is an award-winning Italian restaurant that features Italian and Modern Australian cuisines. Located in the Snowy Mountain region, this restaurant has been running for 25 years. They have a takeaway facility. They offer A La Carte restaurant dining and also pizzas.

The menu changes according to the season. The starters range from $6 to $24, and the main course range between $29 to $39. There are various types of pizzas and pasta.

Pizzas range from $25 to $26, and pasta range from $25 to $40. There are other side dishes, desserts, and a separate menu for children. They also have a fully licensed bar.

4. Ela Messa

Ela Messa is located at the top of Jindabyne, and its uniqueness lies in its menu. They offer a fusion of Greek and Australian flavors. Not only that, the ingredients they use in their cooking are freshly grown in their garden, even they make all of their sauces by hand.

The ambiance of the place is very nice. They offer small plates as snack items and have different lunch and dinner menus.

They serve a wide range of food like pizzas, sandwiches, seafood, meat, fries, desserts. They also offer drinks like beers and ciders, champagne, red wine. Each item ranges from $8 to $56.

5. Angie’s Italian Restaurant

Enjoy tempting Italian in this restaurant located at 1A Kosciuszko Road, Jindabyne NSW. They have won 6 restaurant and catering awards and serve all the mainstream Italian dishes such as pizzas, pasta, risotto, veal, chicken dishes, ravioli, etc.

Their food has an authentic taste that goes on par with the decoration and ambiance. Vegan-friendly dishes are available too on request. There are both dine-in and take-out order options available.

Special pizzas start from $26 and go up to $34. Pasta main courses cost $22 to $38 per item. Starters range from $7 to $24. Side dishes are available too. Both lunch and dinners are served here.

Finally, If You’re Tired of Travelling You Can Stay in the Below Places

Four story brick apartment

1. Jindy Inn
You can find this 3-star motel within a 5-minute walk from the center of Jindabyne town. Many shops, bars, and restaurants are easily accessible from this motel, which highlights the location it is built-in.

All the rooms in this motel come with a balcony from where you can get a view of the lake. Some rooms may come with a terrace onto a rose garden. They have amenities like free parking, Wi-Fi, bar/ lounge, self-serve laundry, etc.

Average room costs are $110 per night. All the rooms are air-conditioned, have a refrigerator, flatscreen TV, etc. Breakfast is not free, but tea is complimentary.

2. Snow Escape Holidays

They provide a wide range of accommodations according to your budget and preference of your place. They have their hospitalities in premiere locations of Jindabyne, lake Crackenback, and Thredbo.

Per night staying cost ranges from $275 to $650. There are cottages and resorts with hillside or lakeside views. The price depends on the number of rooms, kitchen, bathroom and the location.

All the necessary amenities are provided, along with utensils and appliances. Room service is available. Be careful about being tidy because they have a policy on cleanliness.

They can charge an extra $200 if they find that you are leaving your room in a mess, and services are required to clean up.

3. Banjo Paterson Inn

Welcome to the home of the famous Kosciuszko Pale Ale. Banjo Patterson Inn is a famous pub in Jindabyne that also offers accommodations. It has 40 rooms ranging from budget rooms to rooms with a view of the Lake.

Amenities include parking, guest laundry, bar, nightclub, beautiful garden, etc. Per night cost of staying in the budget rooms is $269, for standard Lakeview rooms, it is $314, a budget family room will cost you $329, and loft apartments will cost you around $450 to $500. In the dining area, you will get delicious food at affordable prices.

4. Lake Jindabyne Hotel

This is a waterfront motel in the center of Jindabyne and is 20km away from Kosciuszko National Park. This is a typical motel. Rooms are almost the same and differ little in price. It will cost around $130 per night for a room.

The rooms have a beautiful view of the lake. Every room is equipped with Wi-Fi, flat-screen TV, tea and coffee maker, air conditioner.

There is a casual bistro and a deck. Other amenities include a lounge bar, nightclub, and a fitness room. Parking is free, pets are not allowed. Hot breakfast is complimentary, which is a highlight of this motel.