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Write for Us

Write for Us

At OneSearchHotels we are open to publishing guest posts from travel writers and bloggers.

If you have travel experiences to share or general travel insights that will be interesting to our readers we’d love to share them on our blog, however, we do not accept previously published or overly promotional articles.

We only publish an article if it is engaging, in-depth, and well written. A minimum of 500 words is acceptable if the subject is well covered but we prefer longer, more in-depth articles. We reserve the right to accept, reject or edit any submissions.

We do not accept posts linking to sites that primarily compete with us in the accommodation booking sector.

We require at least one image relevant to the submitted article with no copyright restrictions preventing us from publishing it. Creative Commons for commercial use is okay if you provide the attribution and source information. A link to the image is fine.

If you have an article or idea you would like to pitch, please message us via our Contact Form.